Chapter Leader Workshop Sessions

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About the Chapter Leader Workshop Sessions

OWASP Chapters are one of the core building blocks of the organization and many of the details of running a chapter are included in the Chapter Leader Handbook.

These sessions are a place for discussion and clarity (hopefully) on some of the common problems and questions that arise in running a chapter.

Chapter Leader Sessions at AppSec USA:

Event planning for Chapter Leaders

Unravel the mysteries of planning local chapter events. This session will focus on some of the common logistical questions that arise when chapter leaders want to increase the outreach in their region by stepping up their chapter meetings. Topics will include OCMS walkthrough, reimbursements and payments, contracts, registrations, venue and catering selections, budgets, and much more.

Chapter Promotion

How to promote your chapter and increase attendance. This session will review different methods of promotion for your chapter all aimed at increasing meeting attendance. Topics will include social media, mailing list management, speaker selections, networking ideas. Geared for the new or re energized chapter leader looking to expand their reach.

Vendor relationships

Vendors are not the bad guys. This session will include a lively discussion on vendor relationships within your chapter. Topics will include some benefits of vendor relationships, how to leverage neighboring companies, chapter fundraising, and Foundation guidelines on relationships with vendors/sponsors.

The Invisible Chapter

This session will focus on steps to take when there is a chapter that may be in need of some energy or starting a new chapter. As a community, we all share a responsibility to each other to build the OWASP community.

Is there something we missed that you want to talk about?

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